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- Our vision -

Vroum’ekes is a project where we want to direct your eyes towards ambitious, unusual, well thought out and local projects. Our goal is to build bridges between all these initiatives to encourage and make known the little hidden stories of Belgium.

Our partners are passionate enthusiasts who will open their doors to give us a look into their daily lives.

The tours that we offer are in keeping with the philosophy of slow tourism: taking time to better enjoy, better understand and marvel.

Elodie& Laurent


Why use VW minibuses?

They are vehicles that, slowly but surely, encourage shared experiences, togetherness and ad-venture. The joy of cruising in a Kombi is at its maximum when shared. It can’t help but put you in a good mood!

« Happiness is only real when shared »

What’s more, its bay windows offer a 360° panoramic view so that you won’t miss a thing!

Who is behind this project?

The Vroum’ers behind this project are Laurent and Elodie, two natives of Brussels who have a passionate desire to share their favourite things in a fun and friendly manner!

What about our ecological footprint?

We are proponents of slow power!
Every trip is carefully considered and justified. Our tours depart with full vehicles (8 people) and are used to convey passengers from one place to another in the most fast way.

We use cars already produced and upgrade the profession of bodyworker and mechanic who give a second life to these cars. Re-using old car also uses fewer fossil resources than buying a new one.