Which state has best buses in India?

The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) has entered the Limca Book of Records for bagging over 100 awards in the last five years.

Which Indian state has highest bus?

The largest fleet was operated by Andhra Pradesh SRTC (21,802 buses).

Which bus transport is best in India?

Top 15 Best Private BUS Service Providers in India

  • Parveen Travels. Parveen Travels headquartered in Chennai and one of the most trusted travel and tourism operator in the South India. …
  • SRS Travels. …
  • Prasanna Travels. …
  • Orange Travels. …
  • Jabbar Travels. …
  • Neeta Travels. …
  • SRM Travels. …
  • SVR Travels.

Which city has best bus service in India?

Bengaluru depends on buses

Bus Transit Services Across Select Indian Cities: A Comparison
Brihanmumbai Electrical Supply & Transport Undertaking (BEST) 12.4 18.3
Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation 8.4 8.5
Calcutta State Transport Corporation (CSTC) 4.5 14
Chandigarh Transport Corporation (BMTC) 0.96 1

Which roadways is best in India?

10 Amazing Indian Roads For A Long Drive

  • Rameshwaram Pamban Bridge. …
  • Chennai to Pondicherry. …
  • Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley. …
  • Mumbai to Pune Expressway. …
  • Mumbai to Goa. …
  • Gangtok to Lake Tsomgo and Nathu-La Pass. …
  • Guwahati to Tawang. …
  • Shillong to Cherrapunjee.
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Which is fastest bus in India?

HYDERABAD: The private Volvo bus that caught fire after ramming a tipper from behind near Choutuppal on Sunday midnight was going at a top speed of 180 km per hour when it met with the accident on NH-9, police said.

Which Indian bus has big fans?

Cultural impact and in medias

KSRTC buses have a wide fan following across the entire state of Kerala. Fondly called as Aanavandi, it has close to 100 dedicated fan pages on Instagram.

Which is the biggest bus transport in India?

Bengaluru–Jaitaran bus covers 2,000 km, longest in India: Survey.

Which is the biggest bus company in India?

About the bus company VRL Travels

Listed in the “Limca Book of Record” as the largest fleet owner of commercial vehicles in India in the Private Sector. Covers 350+ routes connecting nearly 100 destinations with over 420 luxury Buses / Coaches.

Which is the largest bus corporation in India?

It is the largest government bus transport corporation in India, and the biggest corporation in the world after the bifurcation of TNSTC Kumbakonam is largest bus corporation in Tamilnadu.

Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation.

Native name தமிழ்நாடு அரசு போக்குவரத்துக் கழகம்
Headquarters Chennai, Tamil Nadu , India

Which transport is best in India and why?

As per the details of expenditure on transport, buses are the most preferred mode of transport in both rural and urban India, followed by auto rickshaws.

Which city has the most buses?

List of U.S. cities with high transit ridership

  • New York City, New York – 56.5%
  • Jersey City, New Jersey – 47.6%
  • Washington, D.C. – 37.4%
  • Boston, Massachusetts – 33.7%
  • San Francisco, California – 33.1%
  • Cambridge, Massachusetts – 28.6%
  • Chicago, Illinois – 27.6%
  • Newark, New Jersey – 26.7%
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Which state has the best transport?

The best indicator of the vastly superior transport facilities in Kerala and Tamil Nadu is the extensive nature of the public transport system in the two states which is not only more extensive than that of their peers but also comparatively larger than that in most metros, except Mumbai where the large rail network …

Which state has fastest roadways bus in India?

Haryana roadways | Fastest bus in India| explained in Tamil – YouTube.