Where can I buy a MeerKat camper?

How much does a MeerKat camper cost?

How Much Is a MeerKat Trailer? The base price of a brand new standard MeerKat camper trailer is $22,970. With all additional options added, the price of a brand new MeerKat comes in at $28,083.

Are MeerKat trailers good?

MeerKat Trailers are so lightweight, they can be towed by almost any type of car. Camping season is here, and as much as we love spending time in the outdoors, sleeping in a tent isn’t for everyone. … “Meerkats tend to gather in groups and they are very cute—just like the MeerKat travel trailer.”

Where are MeerKat campers made?

It’s made by Little Guy Trailers of San Diego, California and is ready to hit the road!

How much does a little guy MeerKat cost?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $17,820 $20,200
Options (Add)
Total Price $17,820 $20,200
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How do you buy a MeerKat?

Legalities of Keeping a Pet Meerkat

For one thing, keeping a meerkat as a pet is illegal in the United States. The only way you can adopt one of these animals if you are an American is if you own a zoo or a sanctuary and have a permit to do so.

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How much is a pet MeerKat UK?

They cost over £500 each, although some pet shops charge over £1,000.

How much does an AntiShanty cost?

Out this month, AntiShanty is a sleek 60-square-foot aluminum trailer that caters to an outdoor enthusiast’s needs. The Base model ($29,900) stores all your gear and has a queen bed/picnic table combo.

How much does a HC1 cost?

Happier Camper named its flagship trailer, the HC1, which begins at $29,950. The HC1 is designed to provide utility in a small footprint. Its dry weight is 1100 pounds, so it’s ideal for drivers with smaller vehicles. The HC1 is 13′ long, and its inside height is 6’1″.

Do MeerKat trailers have air conditioning?

Q- Do you have an air conditioning option? A- Officially no.

How much does the MeerKat trailer weigh?

The MeerKat weighs in at only 900 pounds and is easily maneuvered by hand. Just unhook it from your car and you can easily push it into place. It will fit in a standard garage so there is no need for an expensive storage bill. almost ANY vehicle!

How tall is a MeerKat trailer?

Little Guy MeerKat Trailer

Inside Width 58″
Exterior Height (open) 88″
Exterior Height (closed) 77″
Overall Length: 13′
Inside Length: 9′ 6″

How much do Scamp campers cost?

The 13-foot Scamp trailer will cost around $15,000 for the standard model with minimal options and no bathroom, while the fully loaded deluxe model with a bathroom will cost between $18,000 and $22,000 depending on options.

Are little guy trailers any good?

I like these Little Guy Max trailers. I think the build quality is high, they are very towable and quite pleasant inside. For one or two people they’re a good balance and, heck, you even get a choice of exterior color. Not bad.

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Can a small RV fit in a garage?

Standard garages are about 12’x20′, which is plenty big enough for an RV that’s no more than 11′ high, and most models should be shorter than this by a good foot or two anyway. You just need to make sure you have room to turn around in it so keep at least 24″ on either side of the door space clear if possible.