What can I use for siding on my camper?

Can you use vinyl siding on a camper?

Vinyl siding can be placed on a travel trailer, but not on a trailer you plan to tow at fast speeds. Take caution because it is not typically the top choice for siding for your trailer, RV, or fifth wheel. If you do tow at high speeds, it can blow off and cause damage to your trailer and other cars.

What material is used exterior of a RV?

The interior wall panel, wood or aluminium framing, polystyrene insulation and exterior wall material (which can be Filon, a plastic-and-fibreglass-combined sheeting) will all be affixed with a strong industrial adhesive and fed through a pinch roller machine at a set PSI pressure.

Can you put wood siding on a RV?

People do all kinds of creative things with the exteriors of their camper trailers. … Many of these camper trailers are sided with real or faux log siding to give them the look of a cabin in the woods. TruLog™ steel log siding can be used on just about any type of structure.

How much does it cost to replace RV siding?

That being said, aluminum siding usually costs somewhere between $3 to $6 per square foot. If you have an RV that has 1500 exterior square feet, that will cost somewhere between $4500 and $9000.

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What is the difference in RV siding?

Fiberglass wins hands-down in durability, shine and cleanliness. … Weight and aerodynamics are two important factors of gas mileage, and fiberglass trailers are generally lighter than aluminum sided campers. Fiberglass models are more likely to have a streamlined shape, which provides better aerodynamics as well.

How do you repair aluminum siding on a camper?

For a larger crack in aluminium siding: Place a patch on the back of the panel using an aluminium siding repair kit;Remove the damaged panel and turn it over;Prepare the back of the panel with PVC cleaner;Apply a little PVC cement and press down on the patch, varnish side down;Replace the panel.