Question: Where are Patriot campers built?

We’re proudly Australian Made and we insist on supporting local industry. Our Gold Coast manufacturing and assembly plant employs over 100 local people and our flagship models are designed to be lightweight and compact, and are built to go anywhere.

Are Patriot campers worth the money?

It is one of the best camping trailers and has an integrated tent, kitchen, changing room and (optional) kids’ room. It is a spacious, lightweight, easy to set up camper that really has all the features the manufacturers promise. Obviously, with all the great features, it is going to be really expensive.

Who makes the Patriot camper?

Forest River RV Patriot Edition Travel Trailer RVs For Sale.

What camper trailers are Australian made?

These days it’s hard to find a bad Aussie camper trailer builder, but these are some of the best to buy.

  • Walkabout Campers. Cost: From $6000. …
  • Cub Campers Frontier. Cost: From $35,990. …
  • Jayco Eagle Outback. Cost: From $28,990. …
  • Track Tvan Canning. Cost: From $67,490. …
  • Cub Brumby. Cost: $29,490. …
  • Trackabout Explorer. …
  • Patriot X1.
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What is the best Australian made camper trailer?

7 Best Australian Made Camper Trailers:

  1. Track Tvan Canning: Track Tvan Canning is one of the most desirable camper trailers available on the market. …
  2. Patriot X1: …
  3. Walkabout Campers: …
  4. Cub Campers Frontier: …
  5. Cub Brumby: …
  6. Jayco Eagle Outback: …
  7. Trackabout Explorer:

How much do patriot campers cost?

But if that’s what you’re truly after, you still have plenty of options. The X1 starts at $32,490 and the X2 starts at $20,990.

How much is a patriot camper X2?

The Patriot Campers X2 is a fine product and at a starting price of $24k, it’s not cheap.

What is the biggest patriot camper?

The Patriot Campers TH730 follows the same design cues as the TH610, but with more space, totalling 7.3m in length from the hitch to the end of the deck. If you’re looking for more space to accommodate a larger, four door side by side, or if you simply have more off road toys to haul, the TH730 is a winning choice.

How much is the Patriot X3?

Priced from $69,990, the new three-berth Patriot X3 is the first tent trailer from the seven-year-old Gold coast manufacturer with a separate inside living area within the main camper body, accessible via rear drop-down steps after flipping over the side-folding, canvas-covered double bed.

Are Stoney Creek campers Australian made?

Stoney Creek Campers are Designed and Engineered in Australia, for Australian conditions, by qualified and experienced industry professionals.

Are long haul campers made in Australia?

Company Description: LONG HAUL TRAILERS PTY LTD is located in SUMNER, QUEENSLAND, Australia and is part of the Motor Vehicle Body and Trailer Manufacturing Industry.

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Are EMU campers made in China?

Unlike some of the other Emu models, which are built partly in China and partly here in Australia, this camper is fully assembled in China. Emu has learned the value of specifying exactly what it wants from its Chinese suppliers.

Where are black series campers manufactured?

The factories and warehouses of Black Series are founded in Australia, China and the United States. Black Series has focused on the goal of creating luxurious, home-like experience in rugged outdoor areas. Black Series integrates camper R&D, manufacturing, and vehicle testing, as key to its camper brand.

Where are Bigfoot campers made?

Where Are Bigfoot Campers Made? Bigfoot RV operates a facility in Armstrong, BC, Canada. Bigfoot builds its campers in an 85,000 square-foot multi-building complex.

Is Jawa Australian made?

JAWA Campers is an 100% owned and Operated Australian company in Sunny QLD. … JAWA CAMPERS are now bigger and better then ever before, and are the proud owners of the WINNING HYBRID for CAMPER trailer of the year 2019/2020. We specialise in Hybrids and Camper Trailers that are built tough for our tough Aussie Conditions.