How do you waterproof a truck camper shell?

Make sure that you apply the insulating tape carefully and add more layers of insulating tape where there’s a larger gap. For example, the bulkhead area might need up to 3 layers of insulating tape to completely seal it against water leaks.

How do you weatherproof a camper shell?

How to Seal a Camper Shell

  1. Prepare the area where the shell meets the rails of the truck bed. …
  2. Apply rubber weather stripping to the camper shell. …
  3. Seal up any gaps in the camper shell body. …
  4. You can find leaks by squirting a garden hose at the shell while observing the inside for any water that may penetrate.

ARE Truck Caps waterproof?

Ultimately, no cover is completely waterproof as there are tailgate gaps and other areas that may allow some intrusion.

How much does a Snugtop rebel cost?

The Rebel has aluminum-framed glass sliding window with mesh screens, a hidden mounting system, wrap-around fiberglass railing, multiple roof rack options, a carpeted headliner, LED interior light, and much more. The Rebel also comes painted to match the truck, at a price of about $2,400.

Are soft toppers waterproof?

Is the Softopper waterproof? Yes. The material is a coated automotive convertible fabric that’s completely waterproof. Any water that falls on your Softopper sheds outside the truck.

Are pickup canopies waterproof?

No. There is no such thing as a fully-waterproof pick-up truck accessory. When a pick-up truck has been manufactured, the distance between the tailgate and the truck’s body varies from vehicle to vehicle. Manufacturers don’t necessarily design pick-ups with canopies or tonneau covers in mind.

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