Best answer: What happens when you think the bus driver in fortnite?

What happens when you thank the bus driver in Fortnite? Thanking the bus driver is just a fun Easter egg that was implemented in Fortnite around 2018. It doesn’t give players and competitive advantage or perks.

What happens if you thank the bus driver in Fortnite?

What does ‘thanking the Bus Driver’ do in Fortnite? Thanking the Bus Driver in Fortnite doesn’t give you any perks or change anything in the game. It’s simply a fun little feature for players to discover – and a way to show their virtual appreciation.

How do you thank the bus driver Fortnite?

How to thank the bus driver in Fortnite on all platforms:

  1. Thank the bus driver PC – Press ‘B’ on the keyboard while inside the Battle Bus.
  2. Thank the bus driver PS4 – Press ‘Down’ on the D-pad while inside the Battle Bus.
  3. Thank the bus driver Xbox One – Press ‘Down’ on the D-pad while inside the Battle Bus.
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What happens if you tip the bus driver 4000 gold?

Tipping the bus driver 4,000 Gold Bars while talking to one of the NPCs on the map leads to a message in-game everyone can see. … Unfortunately, nothing much arises from this action other than the in-game message in the kill feed.

Do bus drivers like being thanked?

Some of these people say thank you, some of them just get off of the bus. Many of the drivers say that they are not bothered by less-than-courteous riders. These same drivers have also said that it makes their day when someone says “thank you” and treats them like they are human rather than just tools of the riders.

Do you get XP for thanking the bus driver?

To complete the quest, you must thank the bus driver five times, requiring you to load into five separate matches. Once that’s done, you’ll have 50K XP added to your Season 8 level progression.

Why do people think the bus driver on Fortnite?

Thanking the bus driver is just a fun Easter egg that was implemented in Fortnite around 2018. It doesn’t give players and competitive advantage or perks. From time to time, Epic Games will add challenges that require players to thank the bus driver to complete them.

How do you do the Fortnite dance?

You should be able to see your emote wheel when you press down the Down Arrow button during a match, and you can choose a dance or emote with your right analog stick. Once you’re hovering around the emote you want to cast, you’ll need to press A or X, or simply let go of the arrow key and your movement stick.

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What happens if you give Lil whip a large tip?

It’ll read “[Your username] very generously tipped the bus driver!” The message lasts for about three seconds before disappearing from the screen. Making a large tip will also play a special audio of the bus driver zooming by above you, honking the horn in thanks.

Why does the bus honk in Fortnite?

After some testing me and my friends have been using this to get to the marker quicker than others. Additionally if you place a marker somewhere straight under the path of the bus right at the start of the route, the battle bus horn will sound before you can even drop.

Who drives the battle bus in Fortnite?

This brings players back to point one, and no closer to the true identity of the bus driver. While speculation and fan theories continue, one player has the most logical suggestion as to who Fortnite’s bus driver is. A user who goes by the name “The Massive Craig” stated: “The bus driver is whoever we want him to be.

Is it weird to thank the bus driver?

It is definitely customary to say “thank you” to the bus driver as you’re exiting the bus. I’d say about 75% of people do. I’ve often thought that must be quite annoying for the bus driver. They have to say, “you’re welcome” and “have a nice day” an awful lot of times in a shift.

Do people thank bus drivers?

At the time of writing, a BuzzFeed poll had found that more than 15,300 people said they thanked the driver – 82% of respondents – while just 8% admitted to alighting in silence.

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Why should I thank the bus driver?

It’s just good manners. Because it’s polite, and we appreciate the driver getting us to our destination. We tend to also thank shop staff, waiters, postmen, random strangers who open doors etc. Bus drivers are people, not invisible entities.