Your question: What happens when you don’t think the bus driver in fortnite?

To finish the Fortnite Deadpool Week 1 challenges, players will need to do one simple thing: Don’t thank the bus driver. … Once you return to the menu, you’ll be rewarded with a Deadpool banner and will be one step closer to earning the Fortnite Deadpool skin.

What happens if you don’t thank the bus driver in Fortnite?

If you don’t press this button before you exit the bus, you’ll be unable to thank the bus driver properly and will need to start a new game to successfully do it. If you happen to see your name in the chat box after thanking the bus driver, you’ll know you were successful.

What does thinking the bus driver do in Fortnite?

What does ‘thanking the Bus Driver’ do in Fortnite? Thanking the Bus Driver in Fortnite doesn’t give you any perks or change anything in the game. It’s simply a fun little feature for players to discover – and a way to show their virtual appreciation.

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How many times do you have to thank the bus driver Fortnite?

To complete the quest, you must thank the bus driver five times, requiring you to load into five separate matches. Once that’s done, you’ll have 50K XP added to your Season 8 level progression.

Why is it important to thank the bus driver in Fortnite?

The latest Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 weekly punchcard requires players to thank the Bus Driver 35 times. As a reward, they will earn 50,000XP for stage 1 (5 times), 45,000XP for stage 2 (10 times), and 40,000XP for stage 3 (20 times), and it will help level up their battle pass.

What happens when you tip the bus driver 4000 gold in Fortnite?

Tipping the bus driver 4,000 Gold Bars while talking to one of the NPCs on the map leads to a message in-game everyone can see. … Unfortunately, nothing much arises from this action other than the in-game message in the kill feed.

How do you do the Fortnite dance?

You should be able to see your emote wheel when you press down the Down Arrow button during a match, and you can choose a dance or emote with your right analog stick. Once you’re hovering around the emote you want to cast, you’ll need to press A or X, or simply let go of the arrow key and your movement stick.

Do bus drivers like being thanked?

Some of these people say thank you, some of them just get off of the bus. Many of the drivers say that they are not bothered by less-than-courteous riders. These same drivers have also said that it makes their day when someone says “thank you” and treats them like they are human rather than just tools of the riders.

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How do you not thank a bus driver?

Don’t Thank the Bus Driver – Week 1

  1. To finish the Fortnite Deadpool Week 1 challenges, players will need to do one simple thing: Don’t thank the bus driver.
  2. So load up a game, hop onto the Battle Bus, and jump out without thanking the driver.

Do you get better loot if you thank the bus driver?

It does not provide any gameplay advantage to thank the bus driver. It is just a little fun thing, probably based on the “thanking the bus driver makes you a better/more successful person” meme. Highly active question.

Where did thanking the bus driver come from?

According to, the meme originated on Reddit two weeks ago, when a user elevated “people who say thanks to the bus driver” to pharaoh status.

How do you tip a Fortnite bus driver?

Players can tip the bus driver by visiting certain NPCs on the map and paying different amounts of Gold Bars. There are two different tip ranges, 500 Gold Bars and 4000 Gold Bars. Dreamflower can be found at Flopper Pond to the South of Believer Beach.

How do I get candy Fortnite?

To collect Fortnite Candy, you need to locate a bucket of treats then hit it with your pickaxe or otherwise destroy it to spill the contents.

Who is the bus driver in Fortnite?

A past trailer showed the bus driver was Tomato Man, but it was merely a Tomato Man-themed promotional trailer for Fortnite. Irrespective of this, it can be said that the Tomato Man was simply posing as the bus driver to fit into the theme.

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