Where are adventurer campers made?

Truck Camper Magazine visits the Adventurer factory in Yakima, Washington. After forty-one years, it’s time to meet the new Adventurer.

Who manufactures Adventurer RV?

The facility manufactures Adventurer brand Truck Campers and Adventurer brand Class C motorhomes. Fraserway RV opens its Toronto area dealership on five acres in Cookstown, Ontario. Just 30 minutes north of the Toronto International Airport, the facility offers RV Sales, RV Rentals, RV Parts and RV Service departments.

Where are Northern Lite campers made?

The Northern Lite manufacturing plant, located in Kelowna BC, is a modern facility that handles the end-to-end construction of every Northern Lite truck camper built.

What is an adventure camper?

An adventure camper offers versatility in any environment. Unlike trailers of old, these rugged campers possess off-road capability to ride smooth on any surface. They sport big all-terrain tires and flexible suspensions to withstand whatever bumps the road might have in store for you.

Where are Scout campers made?

Scout campers are built by Adventurer Manufacturing, in a newly-expanded production facility located in Yakima, WA. Adventurer’s quality has been celebrated throughout the US and Canada for over 50 years.

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Who makes Timberland travel trailers?

Select a Timberland Series

A trailer brand operating under Adventure Manufacturing, Timberland vacation products first appeared during the 2000 model year. Constructing fifth wheel and travel trailers, Timberland towable units ranged from 21 to 39 feet in length with some products offering up to two slide-out sections.

How much does a Winnebago Adventurer cost?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $161,871 $149,200
Options (Add)
Total Price $161,871 $149,200
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What truck campers are made in Canada?

If you’re looking at buying a motorhome but want to support a domestic company, here are 6 Canadian RV brands to consider:

  • Outback Trillium Trailers (Ontario): …
  • Pleasure-Way (Saskatchewan): …
  • Northern Lite (British Columbia): …
  • Hymer (Ontario): …
  • Escape Trailer Industries (British Columbia): …
  • Bigfoot RV (British Columbia):

Are Northern Light campers good?

Great quality, I’ve had mine for 3 years and not a single problem. That’s very different from what I read about other RVs. Wade Pringle recommends Northern Lite Truck Campers. We had the pleasure of a Northern Lite Camper for over a month in all types of weather.

Who owns Northern Lite truck campers?

In 2017 with more than 27 years in the industry, Northern Lite was bought by KV Private Equity, who took ownership of the brand. Mac Donkin stayed on with the company as a director while his son Keith Donkin became a shareholder and General Manager for Northern Lite.

What do you call an adventurer?

daredevil, seeker of adventures, hero, heroine, swashbuckler, knight errant, crusader, venturer, traveller, voyager, wanderer. buccaneer, mercenary, soldier of fortune.

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How much is an Overlander RV?

In the past, we’ve reported on truck-based overland campers, custom rigs built for exploring, and RVs from EarthRoamer that can cost $1,500,000—all four-wheel-drive RVs that can handle extreme roads and no gas stations for miles.

How much is the scout Yoho camper?

So how much does it all cost? The Scout Yoho starts at $19,240, which isn’t that much less than the company’s Olympic camper it makes for bigger trucks. The Yoho fits a wide range of midsize trucks, including the Toyota Tacoma, Chevrolet Colorado, GMC Canyon, Ford Ranger, and Nissan Frontier.

How much does a scout Olympic camper cost?

Scout Olympic Camper Truck Can Sleep up to 6 People for $19,980.

What are Scout campers made of?

Scout Campers are made with reinforced aluminum, wood-free composite hard walls, and fortified high-density polyurethane foam for long-lasting and lightweight construction.