Is RV life and RV Trip Wizard the same?

RV Trip Wizard is part of the RV LIFE Network. Founded in 1984, RV LIFE Magazine was acquired by Campground Reviews in 2013. … Currently, our enhanced login system works only with Campground Reviews and RV Trip Wizard, but we will be integrating more websites soon!

Is RV LIFE and RV Trip Wizard the same thing?

Navigate Those RV Trips You Have Planned

Once downloaded from the app store (Apple or Android), simply sign in to the RV LIFE GPS & Campgrounds mobile app. Use the same credentials used for RV Trip Wizard. … The RV LIFE GPS & Campgrounds app will show you live driving status with RV safe turn-by-turn navigation.

Who owns RV LIFE app?

In 2016 RV LIFE was acquired by Social Knowledge. RV LIFE is now the brand that owns & operates dozens of popular RV websites reaching more than 15 million readers per year.

Is RV Trip Wizard worth the money?

All the features it offers make the small annual fee well worth the cost. Not only will you save time and plan a better trip, but also you will probably save money by finding the best parks or free camping spots around.

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Does RV Trip Wizard include Harvest hosts?

By using RV Trip Wizard to plan that itinerary, you can eliminate scary surprises like low overpasses and fuel stations you can’t fit in or access. You can vet your entire route, including those Harvest Host locations, with satellite view, street view, elevation, and even grade.

What is the cost of RV Trip Wizard?

RV Trip Wizard has an annual cost of $49. However, you can save 25% off your membership, by using the code “GETAWAY25” during checkout! This includes access to the trip planning website and RV-safe turn-by-turn GPS.

How much does RV LIFE Pro cost?

With the RV LIFE Pro suite, you get software tools designed to make planning a trip, enjoying that exciting journey, and taking care of your RV easier and more fun. The 7-day trial gives you a chance to try before you buy. You can enjoy all 3 handy tools in the RV LIFE Pro bundle for just $49.00 per year.

Is RV LIFE app free?

The new version of the RV LIFE App is available both on iOS and Android devices. A subscription is required to access some premium features.

Does Google Maps have RV routes?

RV Trip Wizard

You can download maps to use in Google Maps, which is a handy feature for those who prefer navigating from a familiar app. … If you are a member of any camping clubs (such as KOA or Good Sam), you can even prioritize those options when searching for an RV park.

Does Apple maps have RV routes?

RV Trip Wizard Integration – You can access your planned trips & use our RV GPS to navigate safely to your next destination. Built by RVers for RVers, it’s the little details that make RV LIFE standout. We know internet connections can be non-existent when you’re camping. We built our app to work offline.

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Is RV LIFE compatible with Carplay?

RV LIFE can be downloaded from the App Store (requires iOS 11.2 & later; compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch) and Google Play (requires Android 6.0 & later).

Does RV Trip Wizard have an app?

A: The RV LIFE app is a one-stop, all-inclusive, mobile-friendly tool for RVers. News, tips, travel planning info, and RV website access are all available in one handy app for iOS and Android devices.

What is RV life?

Long-term, permanent RV living, or “full-timing” as it’s referred to in the community, is an exciting alternative lifestyle choice that can allow you the freedom to explore the world as part of your day-to-day living experience. In some cases, it can also help you save money on your living expenses.

Who is Togo RV?

Togo RV is a time-saving app that simplifies RV ownership with access to resources for your motorhome. … Service center and mobile RV repair locator. Beta GPS navigation customized for your RV. Explore and save on nearby parks and things to do.