How many people use buses in Sydney?

How many people use public transportation in Sydney?

In 2016, there were 41,676 people who caught public transport to work (train, bus, tram or ferry) in City of Sydney, compared with 27,499 who drove in private vehicles (car – as driver, car – as passenger, motorbike, or truck).

How many people take bus in Australia?

More than two in three drive to work, Census reveals

2016 2011
Truck 85,892 104,746
Taxi 19,725 22,076
Train 488,012 388,012
Bus 323,201 301,187

How many people commute to Sydney daily?

Nearly half a million Sydney workers commute each day to just four major job hubs – the central business district, North Sydney, Macquarie Park and Parramatta. New Bureau of Statistics analysis of 2016 census data shows Sydney commuters travel an average of 16 kilometres from home to work.

What is the most used transport in Sydney?

Sydney Buses

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Buses form a key part of Sydney’s public transport system, connecting all areas of the city, including those without rail or water transport. There are also NightRide services replacing most train routes between midnight and 4am.

How many public buses are there in NSW?


Mode Patronage % of total
Bus 156 868 000 41.24
Ferry 6 200 000 1.63
Light rail 16 982 000 4.46
Total 380 419 000 100.00

How many buses are there in NSW?

That year, there were approximately 27.8 thousand registered buses in New South Wales.

Number of registered buses in Australia as of January 2020, by state.

Characteristic Registered buses

What percentage of people in Australia use public transport?

According to data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) today, one in seven Australians (14 per cent) reported using public transport in March 2021, compared with nearly one in four (23 per cent) who reported regular use before COVID-19 restrictions began in March 2020.

How many people work in the public transport industry?

With over 25,000 people working right across NSW, we drive the continual development of safe, integrated and efficient transport systems such as road, rail and maritime networks. We’re committed to delivering better transport for the future of NSW, shaping our cities, centres and communities for generations to come.

What percentage of Australians drive cars?

Overall, 33.2% of the households owned one car; 34.1% owned two cars; and 17.0% owned three cars or more, compared with 33.7%; 34.1% and 16.4% respectively for Greater Capital Cities.

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How many people commute to Sydney?

Of the 498,384 people who work in the City of Sydney, 75,622 or 15.2% also lived in the area. Where does the City of Sydney’s workforce come from?

Derived from the Census:

Residential location of local workers
City of Sydney 2016
Work in the area, but live outside 422,762 84.8
Total 498,384 100.0

How many people commute from the Central Coast to Sydney?

“The Central Coast Trains project is delivering continuous mobile coverage to more than 30,000 people commuting between Sydney and the Central Coast each day, increasing the productivity of daily commuters and allowing them to work remotely or connect with family and friends,” Minister Fletcher said.

How many people work on the Central Coast Sydney?

The size of Central Coast Council area’s labour force in 2016 was 149,695, of which 54,296 were employed part-time and 82,787 were full time workers.

What is Sydney’s main industry?

Sydney primarily has a service economy, fueled by government, commerce, retailing, transport, entertainment, finance, and tourism. Oil refining is another major industry in the region. About half of Sydney’s work force is employed in manufacturing.

How many foreigners live in Sydney?

At the 2016 census, there were 2,071,872 people living in Sydney that were born overseas, accounting for 42.9% of the population Sydney, above Vancouver (42.5%), Los Angeles (37.7%), New York City (37.5%), Chicago (20.7%%), Paris (14.6%) and Berlin (13%).

Is public transport in Sydney Good?

If you live in an area with train station or an inner suburb of the city then I think Sydney’s public transport is excellent. Service is patchy in some locations like the Northern Beaches and the south western Sydney train lines. Buses in the east and south east are quite good too.

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