How do I set up a Jayco camper?

Seeing a small amount of water dripping from the roof of your RV is nothing to be alarmed about as it is likely simply this condensation and your RV is made for this to happen. In fact, there is usually a pan at the base of the air conditioner in which the coils sit in which catches this water.

How do you set up a Jayco Hawk?

Bob Jayco Hawk Setup information

  1. Position camper in desired location. …
  2. Ensure the camper is level side-to-side. …
  3. Unhitch camper from the tow vehicle. …
  4. Deploy camper stabiliser legs. …
  5. Raise roof to approximately 50cm. …
  6. Pull out the step.
  7. Deploy the awning and bed flys. …
  8. Continue to raise the roof.

How long does it take to set up a Jayco Dove?

Basic set up is about 10 minutes for us, then I spend the next 30 minutes levelling, doing the hoses and waste, annex etc etc. But the best thing for us is that on arrival my wife and kids can get into then van straight away and start to make beds, get food, go to the toilet etc. Pack up is equally easy.

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How long does it take to set up Jayco Swan?

You’re now set up. It took me about eight minutes from start to finish, but I moved at a leisurely pace. The Swan Outback is 6505mm long when set up; the Hawk Outback and Eagle Outback are both 6200mm long when fully extended.

How hard is it to set up a pop up camper?

A popup camper will take a bit more time to set up than a normal travel trailer due to the canvas material. Expect a popup camper to take about 50 minutes to 2 hours and 20 minutes to fully set up and be ready to camp depending on your trailer and other setup.

How do you level a Jayco pop up camper?

One great tool to get your camper level is a BAL leveler. It works to get your single axle or pop-up trailer level in just minutes by being placed around your tire on the low side of the trailer. Use the ratchet to lift the low side–and you are done!

Are Jayco campers any good?

Jayco trailers are known for high quality, a huge choice of layouts, and affordability. A Bronze award winner for the 2016 Trailer Life Readers’ Choice Awards, Jayco prioritizes the customer experience and focuses on quality craftsmanship.

Is Jayco Dove bigger than Eagle?

The Dove has a higher ball weight than the Eagle (need to check as these things often change.) So the Eagle, being a foot longer than the Dove we a bit more living room, could also put a bit less weight on the rear of the 4wd.

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What is the difference between Jayco Eagle and Swan?

The Jayco website shows the swan is longer than the eagle. Might be best to have a look on there. Be careful though…they are not offroad (they call them outback) just all road for want of a better word. Their wheel track is wider than the tow car, so a dead weight in sand.

Can Jayco go off road?

Case in point: Jayco makes a range of touring-style campers designed to be predominantly driven on bitumen roads and, at the very worst, may be taken on well-maintained gravel roads in dry weather, but as showroom standard they have not been engineered for real off-roading.

Are Jayco Swan Outback any good?

We purchased the Outback version and we love it. Its roomy, easy to set-up and to pack-up. Sits well on the road, its well fitted out and the decor is very nice, noting we had some changes made at the factory to ensure the cupboards all matched.