Frequent question: Where is the hot water bypass in a RV?

Your RV water heater bypass valve is located at the back of your water heater – inside your RV. The front of your RV water heater is where you will find your water heater anode rod and drain.

How do you know if a bypass valve is open or closed?

It is closed when the handle is turned across the water line to which it is attached. The only time that valve is ever open is when you are winterizing your RV. If you leave it open, you create a path for water to flow without going through the water heater, thus no hot water or lukewarm water at the faucet.

Why is my hot water not working in my travel trailer?

RV Water Heater Check Valve Malfunction

The check valve prevents water backflow, so cold water doesn’t flow back into the water heater. If it fails, you’ll often know it because you’ll have low/no water pressure when running the hot water. If this is your issue, you may need to replace your check valve.

Where is the check valve on a RV water heater?

Also, while you’re out there on the outside of the water heater, be sure the drain plug is not leaking. The check valve(s) (you may have two), however, are located on the back of the water heater, accessed from inside the coach.

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Where is my bypass valve?

Your bypass valve should be located close to where your water pipes are connected to your softener. If you have a commercial unit, you may see three separate valves connected to the pipes that are attached to your softener.

What is water bypass?

Bypass valves allow you to turn off water to the softener for maintenance while still having water through your house pipes. Single Bypass Valve: Included with the softener. The inlet and outlet valve connects to the bypass valve.

What is a water bypass system?

The purpose of bypass valves on water treatment devices is to allow the user to easily divert water around the treatment device. … The red handles turn to direct water through the filter or around it. The valve can also be installed so that it will provide a convenient water shutoff for the whole house.