Can you put a smart thermostat in an RV?

A Smart, internet connected, thermostat made specifically for RVs! The Micro-Air EasyTouch RV Thermostat is designed to directly replace your stock thermostat, and install is dead simple! … Since every RV AC and thermostat control are different, there are different models for the major brands.

Can a house thermostat be used in an RV?

A thermostat can be hardwired, or wired directly to the wall — and HVAC system — of your RV. Or, a thermostat can run on battery power.

Can you add a thermostat to RV air conditioner?

All you have to do is hook up the 3 thermostat wires (12V, 12V-, and comm). If you remove the air filter and look inside the AC you will see the thermostat connections. Also you can download installation and wiring diagrams on the Dometic site.

Can I use an Ecobee in my RV?

Yes, I ran a new 2-conductor cable from the converter to the thermostat to be able to power them. The reason Rc and Rh need a jumper wire is because the Ecobee thermostat will only ever connect Rc to Y, but never to W, so as long as there is power at Rh, it will send that to W.

What kind of thermostat do I need for my camper?

Best RV Thermostat to Regulate Temperature

  • #1 – Coleman RV Camper Thermostat.
  • #2 – Atwood (Dometic) Thermostat.
  • #3 – Dometic 3109228.001 Comfort Control Center.
  • #4 – Honeywell TH5110D1006 Non-Programmable Thermostat.
  • #5 – ICM Controls SC1600L Non-Programmable Thermostat.
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Will a 24v thermostat work on 12V?

The 12vac rating is the minimum that you can use, so a 24vac thermostat will be fine. As others have mentioned, the only problem would be with a thermostat that steals power – generally, battery-powered thermostats do not. And, as macman notes, the thermostat is just a switch, so polarity of the wires does not matter.

Does Nest work on 12V?

The Nest doorbell’s battery-powered model will work with a 12V power supply. However, if you have the wired Nest doorbell option, then it will not work on 12V and will require at least 16 volts instead.

Will ecobee work on 12v?

if you don’t need the “Alexa” component the ecobee 3 with room sensors is a great choice. see less there is a power adapter that comes wit the uni if you do not have the correct A/c power to the thermostat, I believe ecobee also says it can be powered by 12v. … As a “Alexa device” its ok at best.