Best answer: How much is the new Ford Nugget camper van?

The L-shaped kitchen and large beds make the Nugget one of the best campervans. The Nugget is available from € 41.021 (without taxes).

How much is a Ford Nugget camper van?

How much does the Transit Custom Nugget camper cost? Nugget prices start at £59,605 (on the road, including VAT) for the 130hp short-wheelbase L1 model, rising to £61,049 for the 185hp camper with manual gearbox or £63,334 with the automatic.

How much does the Ford big Nugget cost?

The pop-up Nugget Plus will start at €56,669 (approx. US$66,950), according to Westfalia, and will be available for reservations at Ford dealerships in select European markets in November.

Are Ford Nugget available in the US?

Ford has tripled its Nugget production rate with camper specialists Westfalia for 2022 to meet demand for its popular camper van in a fast-growing market. Nugget Active and Trail will be available to order from Ford dealers in Europe from later this year.

Does the Ford Custom Nugget have a toilet?

27, 2020 – The Ford Transit Custom Nugget is now available in a long wheelbase version, adding even greater flexibility for adventure-loving customers. The extended wheelbase uses the extra length to provide a built-in toilet, wash basin and additional interior storage space.

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How much is a new Ford motorhome?

Leisure Travel Vans has unveiled the 2021 Wonder Rear Lounge camper van. Built on the chassis of a 2020 Ford Transit, it retails for US$130,000.

Where is Ford Nugget made?

The van was produced initially at Ford’s Langley facility in Berkshire, England (a former Second World War aircraft factory which had produced Hawker Hurricane fighters), but demand outstripped the capability of the plant, and production was moved to Southampton until closure in 2013 in favour of the factory at İzmit, …

What’s better master ball or big Nugget?

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How much can you sell a big Nugget for?

30000. 5,000 in Po Town daily.


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Does Ford Nugget have a shower?

Ford has unveiled the long wheelbase version of its Transit Custom-based Nugget camper van, which now features a bathroom in the rear and an additional sink. … And unlike its predecessors, the LWB Nugget uses an L-shaped layout to fit the bathroom, kitchen, and living space.

Can you import Ford Nugget?

Ford is unlikely to bring the Ford Nugget camper to the States. The Standard Nugget starts as a Transit Custom with the Nugget Plus version tacking on another 14.4-inches of length. … Ford Nugget offers a pair of onboard water tanks that have 11 gallons each and can supply an outdoor shower at the rear of the camper.

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How much does a Vandoit van cost?

Better yet, a Vandoit only costs between $48,000-79,000 (less expensive than a new Jeep Wrangler) and is 100-percent customizable to your adventuring needs.

Does Ford have a camper van?

Ford Transit camper vans offer tons of space, comfy seating, and great fuel economy. Plus, they handle really well and are more affordable than Mercedes Sprinters. With all that said, it’s no wonder many van conversion companies create gorgeous Ford Transit camper vans that are ideal for full-time living.

Who builds Ford Nugget?

From 1986 Westfalia started building the Nugget with the Ford Transit base vehicle. So it is in production for over 30 years. Today the Ford Nugget is build on the new Ford Transit Custom.

How much does a VW California cost?

The Transporter-based vehicle is offered in Camper and Tour guises. Volkswagen’s new California Beach camper van is now available to order in the UK, with prices starting at just over £52,000.

How long is the Ford Nugget?

What makes the Nugget Plus Highroof special:

Wheelbase 3.300 mm
Length 5.339 mm
Width 1.986 mm
Heigth 2.800 mm
Mass ready to drive (from MJ2019) 2.550 – 2.890 kg