Best answer: How much does a wonder RV cost?

How much does a leisure wonder cost?

Leisure Travel Vans has unveiled the 2021 Wonder Rear Lounge camper van. Built on the chassis of a 2020 Ford Transit, it retails for US$130,000.

Who makes the wonder RV?

Your Wonder

A game-changer from the chassis up, the Wonder Class C RV by Leisure Travel Vans is packed with smarter space solutions that combine superior design with innovative functionality, allowing you the freedom to go wherever your wonders may lead you.

Where are wonder RVs manufactured?

Factory Tours Take a tour of our manufacturing facility in Winkler, MB and see first hand how we manufacture world-class RVs.

How long is a wonder RV?

Wonder Specifications

Dimensions RL FTB
Wheelbase 178″ (4,522 mm) 178″ (4,522 mm)
Length 24′ 9″ (7,544 mm) 24′ 9″ (7,544 mm)
Width 7′ 11″ (2,416 mm) 7′ 11″ (2,416 mm)
Height Inc. A/C 9′ 11.5″ (3,035 mm) 9′ 11.5″ (3,035 mm)

How much is a 2020 unity RV?

How Much Does The Unity by Leisure Travel Vans Cost? While the official 2020 price hasn’t been released yet, we think this will clock in around $140,000. Most of the 2019 models start around $137,000. This is a pretty penny, but driving a diesel Mercedes doesn’t come cheap.

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How much is a 2021 Winnebago ekko?

Chalk up another win for Winnebago!” As of this writing, Guaranty RV Super Centers has both the 22A and 24C models on order with the 22A anticipated on our lots in Summer 2021. The 24C will follow later in the year. The Winnebago EKKO price expects to start at $163,662 MSRP.

What is a wonder RV?

Built on the Ford Transit, the all-new Wonder Class C motorhome is filled with smarter space solutions that combine contemporary design with innovative functionality, allowing you the freedom to go wherever your wonders may lead you.

What company owns Leisure Travel Vans?

In 2008, Triple E acquired Leisure Travel Vans, giving Triple E a quality Class B and C lineup with an established presence in the United States.

What is the most popular leisure travel van?

The Leisure Travel Unity 24MB is among the most popular vehicles on the market.

Does Ford make RVS?

Ford E-Series cutaway is the top-selling chassis in this market. “Outdoor adventure-seeking RV customers want compact, maneuverable motorhomes that can comfortably carry their families and gear from one adventure to another,” Hetman says. … Each is available with the Ford Power Stroke® 3.2-liter five-cylinder diesel.

Does anyone still make conversion vans?

The short answer is yes. Ford does still make conversion vans. The Ford Transit is one of the largest full-size vans manufactured in the U.S. The main reason being, they can be personalized to your exact specifications for style, versatility, and safety.

How much can a leisure wonder tow?

We can only tow ~2,000 pounds with our Wonder RTB model. Other Transit LTV Wonder floor plans can tow 3,000 pounds. The Wonder RTB is less because of the way the rear garage is designed.

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What class is leisure travel van?

Compact Luxury – Innovative Class C Motorhomes – Leisure Travel Vans.

How wide is leisure travel van?

Unity Specifications

Dimensions MB FX
Wheelbase 170″ (4,326 mm) 170″ (4,326 mm)
Length 25′ 1″ (7,645 mm) 25′ 1″ (7,645 mm)
Width 7′ 11″ (2,416 mm) 7′ 11″ (2,416 mm)
Height Inc. A/C 10′ 6″ (3,200 mm) 10′ 6″ (3,200 mm)