Best answer: Can I use my MCard on Arriva buses?

Bus passengers can now use the new white MCard smartcard for Pay As You Go journeys throughout West Yorkshire. Single, return or Operator own day tickets can be purchased using the white Pay As You Go MCard on services run by the county s three main bus operators, Arriva, First and Transdev. … Arriva.

Can I use my MCard on any bus?

If you want the freedom of unlimited journeys on any bus or train operator across the county, MCard is the one for you. … With bus only or bus and train tickets available, wherever you need to be, there’ll be a travel ticket for you. In a nutshell, an MCard gives you: Flexible travel – with Day, Week or Monthly tickets.

Can you use pink MCard on Arriva buses?

Load the Pink with daily, weekly or monthly travel for just buses, or buses and trains within West Yorkshire.

How do I use MCard on bus?

How do I use my MCard? When travelling by bus or train, simply place your MCard on a smart reader on the bus or smart-enabled rail gate. TOUCH – BEEP – GO. You will need to hold it on the smart reader until the card has been read properly.

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Can you use MCard on first bus?

In a nutshell, an MCard gives you:

And the MCard is fully transferable too, so if you’re staying in but your friend’s heading out, there’s no need to buy more travel. It’s available in weekly, monthly and yearly formats – and all are welcomed on board First buses!

What is a MCard?

The Mcard is your official University of Michigan identification card. You’ll use it all over campus to identify yourself as a member of the university community. The UMID number is the cardholder’s eight digit student number or employee number. The Mcard has many uses from building access to use as an ATM/debit card!

How do I use my pink MCard?

Once you’ve ordered and received your MCard, simply load it with the travel ticket of your choice. Find out how. With a Pink you don’t need a photograph, so you can share it with family and friends when you’re not using it.

Is MCard mobile legit?

The MCard Mobile app is available for both IOS and Android smartphone users.

MCard Mobile App.

Ticket Type Validity Price
Countywide Bus & Rail Zones 1-3 Month £124.00
Countywide Bus & Rail Zones 1-4 Month £145.70
Countywide Bus & Rail Zones 1-5 Month £173.00
Countywide Bus & Rail Zones 2-5 Month £120.50

How does mobile MCard work?

MCard Mobile is available on both Android and iOS smartphones and allows you to buy a range of digital bus and train tickets stored within the app. … When bus & rail tickets are included on the MCard Mobile app later this Autumn, a new all-day Bus & Rail DaySaver ticket will be part of the range on offer.

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How do I order an MCard?

Where to buy?

  1. Download the MCard App to any Android Smartphone to top up your MCard anytime, anywhere.
  2. For Bus only or Bus and Rail Travel you can top up at any Bus Station MCard ticket machine.

Can you get a MetroCard on your phone?

Now compatible with your Android device using Google Pay! SmarTrip in Apple Wallet or Google Pay allows you a contactless way to quickly purchase a transit card to pay for a train, bus or parking wherever SmarTrip is accepted.

What is a my day bus ticket?

MyDay will be a paper ticket bought on the bus and is valid all day, on any bus, anywhere in West Yorkshire for anyone aged under 19. Although under-16s will no longer have to show their proof of age photocard, 17 and 18 year-olds may be asked to show their blue 16-18 PhotoCard. Back to News.

Can I top up my M card online?

Download the MCard App to any Android Smartphone to top up your MCard anytime, anywhere. For Bus only or Bus and Rail Travel you can top up at any Bus Station MCard ticket machine.

Can I use first bus ticket on Metrobus?

Tickets for metrobus follow First Bus’s fare structure and most tickets for First Bus services can also be used on metrobus.

Can OAP bus pass be used on trains?

Buses, trams and trains

You can travel free on TfL services with your Older Person’s Freedom Pass from 09:00 weekdays and anytime at weekends and on bank holidays. … On National Rail services in London, travel free after 9:30 weekdays, and any time on weekends and public holidays.

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Can you use a single bus ticket twice?

The validity of single tickets varies across each First Bus region. For the most part, single tickets will remain valid for either 5 or 15 minutes once activated. The app will remind you of this before activating one.