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End year gift!

Give your loved ones a Night hunger Tour in Brussels! A unique experience with an old VW van that will surprise everyone.

No need to dig your brains to surprise your friends and no need to wander for hours in saturated shopping centers. We have the solution: offer a gourmet night in Brussels to your loved ones ! A genuine experience to share. Go down on our special page « End year gift ", let yourself be guided and offer the gift!

What is a Night hunger tour?

Embark on a « Night hunger » Tour aboard “Zaza”, our sixties VW minibus; On the program: 3 places that offer you a dish to enjoy accompanied by a wine agreement, all interspersed with VW minibus walks in Brussels. The culinary experience takes you to places that favor quality and seasonal products with a bit of “je ne sais quoi” that makes it really cool. 7 places, a nice friendly table and a driver who will guide you.

The gourmet night gift, in practice?

Easy ! The owners of the gift voucher are free to choose the date on which they wish to join the night gourmet (every first Tuesday of each month). All they have to do is register on the page of our website by mentioning a code. Then, they will receive a confirmation email, with the departure & return point (place with access public transport and parking places) and all needed information.

The person offering the gift:

First Name*:




For how many persons do you want to book a Tour?:

Coordinate of the person (s) receiving the gift:

First Name*:


Personalized text to indicate on the gift voucher:


How can I book a Gift Card?

1. I fill in the reservation form.

2. I indicate the personalized text that will be placed on the voucher.

3. I make the payment and receive a voucher (gift certificate) on my mailbox.

4. The voucher enables the person who receives the gift to reserve his "night hunger tour" on the date that suits him on our website, and of course he will not pay anything with his unique code.

Terms : The recipient of a gift voucher is free to choose the date on which he wishes to participate in our tour of those proposed on our website, subject to availability. The amount of a Night Hunger trip is 80 euros per person. This amount includes at least one drink (soft, wine or beer) and a dish for each location visited, guidance by a guide, fuel and vehicle logistics. If a person wants to take an extra drink (cocktail, digestion, ...), this is entirely possible, but at his expense, by paying directly to the institution. This gift voucher is valid for a whole year and expires on 31 December 2019. An extension of 6 months is possible via a request on our mailbox info@vroumekes.com. Passengers are asked to respect the appointment. In case of delay, thank you to inform the guide. If the delay is significant (+ 15min), the visit starts with the rest of the group and we ask that the latecomers join the next stop. Please note, the night hunger tour is not a private visit. The recipients of the gift voucher become members of a group of up to 7 people.