You asked: Where are Alaskan Campers made?

Brian Wheat holds a brochure from the 1960s for the Alaskan Camper, which is made in Chehalis. His father bought a franchise from the Seattle-based company in 1986. Wheat joined the family business in 1992 and now owns the Chehalis manufacturing company. Workers manufacture camper panels at Alaskan Camper in Chehalis.

Where are Alaskan Campers built?

TCM visits the Alaskan Camper factory in Chehalis, Washington to see the fifty-third year of Alaskan Campers built from the ground up. Look out, there’s a Mini!

Do Alaskan Campers leak?

Quality truck camper companies like Northstar, Bundutec, Hallmark, ALP, and Capri still frame their campers out of wood. Sure, wood can rot out if a persistent water leak gets to it, but not if you regularly maintain all of the windows and penetrations in your roof.

What are Alaskan Campers made of?

Alaskan Campers are built the same way today as they were 60 years ago; wood frame, wood cabinetry, hard-side pop-up walls and front cabover panels, hydraulic lift mechanism, and aluminum skin.

How much does an Alaskan camper weight?


Dry Weight 1,680 pounds
Wet Weight* 2,490 pounds
Floor Length 94″
Overall Length 13’0″

How much is the Cirrus 670 truck camper?

The MSRP of the Cirrus 670 is expected be around $28,000, with the first units expected to be in dealer lots around late February/early March 2019. Demand for the new camper is expected to be high, so those who are interested in purchasing one should act quickly.

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How wide is an Alaskan camper?

Every Alaskan Camper model is specified with an 88-inch exterior width. This is about one-foot wider than the narrowest soft-side pop-ups and one-foot narrower than the widest hard-sides.