How much is an opus off road camper?

How Much Do OPUS Campers Cost? For new units, OPUS Campers range from $19,900-$53,000, depending on the model and options. As with any vehicle or camper purchase, the potential for upgrades is often only limited by your budget.

How much does an Opus camper cost?

The Opus Campers start at $18,999 and you can add the Air Opus inflatable option for $2,499. The company also offers other inflatable extension awnings to make the tent even larger. Head this way for more and to check out the US dealers.

Are Opus campers any good?

General Pros and Cons of the Opus Camper

The Opus Camper offers good comfort and aesthetic luxury for users. The lounge can easily sit and accommodate 6 people, and the Opus Camper has a removable Table to convert the dinette into another bed. It offers capabilities and durability for off-the-road trips.

What is Opus off road?

The OPUS Off-Road features an upgraded, all-terrain chassis with off-road ready tires and independent coil suspension, perfectly suited to follow you wherever you want to go.

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How much does an Opus 15 camper cost?

OPUS OP 15 Camper Details

Pack up the family, fill the tanks, go off the grid, and get away from it all. The OP 15 retails for $45,000 and is available now.

How much does an Opus 4 camper cost?

The dry weight is 2870 pounds, and it has an 1100 pound load capacity. When folded for travel, it’s 18’4” long, 6’10” wide, and 4’9” tall. When inflated for camping, it’s 21’4” long, 6’10” wide, and has 8′ ceilings. A new OP 4 has a starting price of $28,995.

Where are OPUS camper trailers made?

The Opus campers we see here are manufactured in China, then shipped to an Australian assembly line to be finished with Aussie compliance. Jason Dodd, operations and technical manager, oversees end-to-end quality control and ensures each Opus meets Aussie requirements (as well as Opus’ own high standards).

Where are OPUS trailers made?

The OPUS® brand is part of the Purple Line LLC product line and manufactured in Northern California (Pittsburg, CA).

How much does the OPUS Op 15 weigh?


Sleeps 5 15 ft
Ext Width 7 ft 8 ft 10 in
Int Height 6 ft 5 in 410 lbs
Gross Weight 6600 lbs 4960 lbs
Fresh Water Capacity 63 gals 18 gals

Is the Opus 4 worth the money?

The OP4 looks and feels like it’s worth more than $29,990. Pair this with what it can do and it’s a real value for money proposition. It offers an ease of use that is unparalleled within its style, while actually being lighter and more offroad-ready than a lot of its counterparts.

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How much is an Opus Lite?

Additional information

Weight 2870 lbs
Make Opus
Vehicle Year 2022
Condition New
Pricing $25,001 – $40,000

Where is Opus made?

OPUS Campers are designed and manufactured specifically to ensure maximum strength, longevity and ease of use whilst keeping overall weight to a minimum. OPUS is proud to be a member of Made In Britain. The Made In Britain marque was created to help buyers, at home and abroad, identify and choose British made goods.

How much does an Opus camper weigh?

Dimensions & Specifications

Dimensions On-Road
Trailer Dry Weight: 1577lbs
Tongue Weight: 100lbs
GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating): 3500lbs
Load Capacity: 1900lbs

How much does the Opus 4 weigh?

The OP4 is 1370kg, which means it’s light to tow so it can be towed by most standard SUVs or 4WDs.

How long is an Opus camper?


Overall Length (closed) inc.drawbar 430cm
Overall Width 201cm
Internal Length (main body section) 283cm
Internal Width (main body section) 188cm