How do I fix my DSI FLT light on my camper?

What does DSI FLT mean on RV water heater?

DSI means direct spark ignition. FLT means fault. That means it tried to ignite the burner on the water heater but failed. First thing is to check your propane supply.

What does DSI fault mean on my RV?

DSI fault means that the gas did not ignite during start up.

What does FLT mean on RV control panel?

FLT means fault. During normal operation the light should come on when you turn on the (propane) switch for the water heater.

How do I turn on my electric water heater in my RV?

Locate your hot water heater access panel, typically on the outside of your RV, and remove it. Find the RV water heater on and off switch on the panel. Typically, it’s located on the bottom left-hand side (see image above). Flip the switch to the on position.

What is a DSI switch?

DSI stands for direct spark ignition. DSI means that the water heater can be automatically lighted by a switch inside the RV.

What is a DSI heater?

A step-up from the manual LP gas water heater is the LP gas model with Direct Spark Ignition or DSI. What DSI means is, rather than going outside to manually light the water heater with a match or striker you light it from inside the RV at the touch of a switch.

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Where is the reset button on a Dometic water heater?

A water heater reset button, usually red, is located in the center of the limit switch just above the water heater thermostat. The water heater limit switch is a safety device that will shut the power down to the water heater if something malfunctions and the water gets to hot.

What causes a water heater reset button to trip?

If your water heater reset button keeps tripping, one of your heating elements may be broken or worn out. As this component is used to heat water, your hot water heater won’t work without it. When the reset button on a water heater thermostat keeps tripping, the metal casing of the heating element may have cracks.