Do they make Airstream motorhomes?

Yes! There are five Airstream motorhome options available to you. They are also known as touring coaches. These Airstream motorhomes are the result of a fantastic partnership between Airstream and Mercedes-Benz.

Does Airstream still make motorhomes?

Airstream’s Touring Coach

Although they are not known as motorhomes, the Airstream “touring coach” still meets all the requirements of a motorhome. However, Airstream does not sell any touring coach that is above a Class B or Class B+ motorhome.

How much does an Airstream motorhome cost?

New Airstream trailers cost anywhere from $36,900 up to $149,900. Nothing in that range is cheap, but you are looking at a possible 90-years of use.

Does Airstream have a drivable RV?

Airstream has recently started offering off-road capable trailers, like the Basecamp 20X and 16X, but those are designed to be towed behind other vehicles. There are other Airstream camper vans, like the Interstate 24GT and 24GL, but the Interstate 24X is Airstream’s first to offer four-wheel-drive.

Why you shouldn’t buy an Airstream?

Buying an Airstream can be a needlessly expensive endeavor

The most inexpensive travel trailer that Airstream offers is the Basecamp, which will run you just under $40,000. And the worst part? It’s not even that spacious. It sleeps up to four people, and that’s pretty much it.

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How much does a 30 foot Airstream cost?

Ewald Airstream – Classic 30 Starting at $135,600.

Is an Airstream worth the money?

The Airstream can be pretty neat and pretty fun to own, but it can also be pretty expensive. … An Airstream trailer will roughly have any of the common flaws that you might find in any other RV, but it does boast its longer-lasting value, solidity, and aerodynamic properties that do make it worth the cost.

How much does the smallest Airstream cost?

Airstream, the company behind the iconic “silver bullet” trailer, has just released a new lightweight trailer model called Basecamp. Small and sleek, it’s perfect for towing behind a small SUV. And at $35,000, it’s a lot more affordable than the classic Airstream. It’s like a tiny house on two wheels.

Who is Airstream owned by?

Airstream, which is owned by Thor Industries, delivers 95 travel trailers each week.

Is Airstream owned by Mercedes?

Airstream’s partnership with Mercedes-Benz® has been a natural fit from the beginning. Mercedes-Benz’s reputation for the best safety and convenience mirrors Airstream’s own standards for lasting quality and streamlined design.

What RV looks like an Airstream?

Bowlus Road Chief Trailers are great Airstream lookalikes. The biggest difference between them and Airstream trailers is the fact that they are more aerodynamic and are, therefore, easier to tow. However, despite their different shapes, their resemblance with Airstream campers is unreal.

What class of RV is an Airstream?

Iconic Airstream design and legendary German engineering come together in our Class B and Class B+ RVs. Inside the cabin, you’ll find every luxury you need to feel completely comfortable, and behind the wheel, you’ll have every safety and performance feature you need to make traveling a true pleasure.

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How much does a Mercedes Airstream cost?

Airstream just unveiled the new $238,000 Atlas camper RV built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter — see inside.

Is Winnebago or Airstream better?

Airstreams offer a more unique and iconic design, whereas Winnebago has a more traditional RV design. Unlike Airstreams, Winnebago is not made out of eco-friendly materials. Winnebago takes the win when it comes to model choices. Lastly, Airstreams comes with a hefty price tag than an RV.

Are Airstreams good in hot weather?

The Airstream is pretty much a vehicle and it heats up pretty quickly in the sun. For this reason we do not leave the dogs in the Airstream alone for long, especially during the hottest parts of the day.